The Teenage Prayers were formed in August 2001 as a minimalist 4-piece with piano, guitar, bass and one drum played standing up ala Maureen Tucker.

In the summer of 2002, founding members Tim Adams and Kyle Chrise met and befriended soul legend Solomon Burke, who flew the band out to Los Angeles to produce their cover version of his hit song “Goodbye Baby”, which appeared on the band’s debut album, “Ten Songs”.

In July 2003, the band expanded to become a 6-piece.  The drum kit expanded as did the sound.

In May 2004, the band played on a bill with indie rock pioneer Steve Wynn, whose band The Dream Syndicate helped forge the post-punk sound of Los Angeles’ Paisley Underground in the 1980s. 

In 2005, Steve signed on to produce the band’s sophomore effort, “Everyone Thinks You’re the Best”, which was completed and released in early 2008.

Currently, the Teenage Prayers are at work on their third album, which they hope to complete in 2011.  This as-yet-untitled effort is being produced by Adam Schatz.


Tim Adams (singer)

Terrence Adams (guitar)

Kyle Chrise (bass)

Kyle Wills (drums)

Adam Schatz (keys, horn)